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What to do with a hangover?

Option one was to slob on the couch all day re-hydrating, and watching all the pre-ordered DVD’s. The first of which had to be “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure”, that my daughter has been waiting all week to watch. Option two was to strip the carb down and see what is going on. So, the […]

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The Ongoing Fuel Issue – Part 2

I did remove the inline fuel filter to no avail. As an aside, how can Halfords get away with charging £5 for 1 meter of fuel line? Other than mugs like me buy it 😛 Further tests today have concluded that the maximum speed before the engine starts coughing is 60mph. At 65mph there is […]

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Go fast : Run out of petrol

Mmmmmm, I have found a new feature on the XT. I can only keep it at 70mph for about 1/2 a mile.  It then seems that the carb resevoir runs dry. So, I have to slow down again and let it fill. Initial investigations have shown that the float level seems to be correct.  The […]

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The XT is MOT’d

The TX now has an MOT and tax on it.  It had been SORN’d for the last two years. There were no problems with the MOT, just a warning on the brake pedel being a bit loose, and the clutch lever was bent. I have also checked all the tolerences on the tappets, spark plugs […]

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The XT

Ever since I was a kid and saw my first Yamaha XT 500, back in 1981, I have always wanted one. I wanted the one with the gold rims. At the same time I wanted to get a dirt bike again. The XT500s go for silly money on ebay, where as the 550s are about […]

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