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First, let me admit that I am not a big fan of MAG, not because I disagree with them on the whole, but for the fact that they are supposed to fight against many things including inequality for bikers. The bit that bugs me is that they offer a £5 discount, for anyone between 16 […]

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Is it just me?

More and more now a days I am finding that if you want something done properly you should do it yourself. The latest, and final tale, in the DX swing arm saga is that I took it to my local garage to do. They also MOT all my bikes. I kept ringing back to see […]

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Harley Davidson dealers (cont.)

I took the swing arm off today in preparation for installing the new parts when they arrive. I soon found that the problem was no in wear of the bush. The pivot bar was moving left/right, as opposed to up/down. A quick stock check of the components, and it would seem that the locking ring, […]

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Harley Davidson dealers

When you buy a Harley you know about all the jokes and the bandied about reputation. You still go out and spend a sizeable wedge of money on buying one. I love my Night Rod Special. It is really addictive and rides like a “proper” bike. In fact, most Harley riders refuse to talk to […]

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Facebook Groups

I have always found Facebook groups to be annoying, and that is putting it mildly. The Christmas number one one was interesting, but lets face it, why did they not promote the Chris Moyles one, at least that was going to charity from the outset. I guess it just did not have a catchy name […]

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