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Monthly Archive for June, 2010

The first job of the engine change was to drain the water, as it runs in the frame to the radiator at the back. Next, was disconnecting everything that connected to the front end and the cross member. Luckily the electrics where on a nice big connector that came apart easily. The coil was on […]

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Let the games begin

Well, I got the lump I was after. It set me back £215, but it is pretty much all there. The lump is nice and tight, and the heads look like new. It was advertised as having only done 500 miles, after a rebuild, and it certainly looks like that. The missing bits are minor. […]

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Fingers crossed….

I think I have found an engine, and it is looking like a good one. If the description is was it says it is it has only 500 miles on it, after a rebuild, and is a performance lump bored out to 3.9l. The guy had it in a Cobra, then decided to swap it […]

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